HOPOS 2012
June 21-24, 2012
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
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9th Biennial Meeting of the
International Society for the History
Of Philosophy Of Science

Hosted by

Dalhousie University,
 The University of King’s College

Saint Mary's University,
Cape Breton University

The International Society
for the History Of Philosophy Of Science

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June 18  What should I wear for the tall ship cruise? Even on beautiful day, the Atlantic is not a warm place. You'll want to make sure to have socks and a good jacket. If it rains, the crew will put up a tent on the deck and there is a warm lower deck to welcome all of us (and it will make the ceilidh even more fun).

June 18 Registration times and location.

Wednesday: 5pm-7pm   
        King's College, 1st-floor lobby, New Academic Building.
Thursday: 7:45 am-5pm  
        King's College, 1st-floor lobby, New Academic Building.
Friday & Saturday: 8:00am-5pm 
        King's College, 2nd-floor lobby, New Academic Building.
Sunday: 9:00 am-12:00 pm    
        King's College, 2nd floor lobby, New Academic Building

June 18
Registration is still open. It now too late to register for the banquet, but you can still join us on the tall ship cruise.

June 17 Situating Science and the Wit's End Theatre invite you to a special HOPOS representation of Science Inaction: A Love Story, Friday, June 22, at 9 p.m. at King's College. Admission is by donation. The representation will be followed by a post-show talk back and free reception in the King's Wardroom Bar. (poster)

June 17 Please note that, although there are only three "offical" entrée choices for the banquet, we will accomodate special dietary needs (kosher, vegan, etc.) Just let us know when you register.

June 16 A/V material in the rooms. Each of the rooms is equipped with an A/V projector, but presenters using an Apple computer should provide their own adaptor. If you need a computer, please contact us at hopos@dal.ca and we will provide one for you. Reminder: presentation should be 30-min long to allow for a 10-min Q&A.

June 16 A few facts about Nova Scotia...

- If you are driving. In Nova Scotia, pedestrians have right of passage at all intersections. Make sure you watch for them and stop if you see someone trying to cross the street.
- If you are a smoker. The legal smoking age is 19. You will not be allowed to smoke inside public buildings, restaurants, putbs, and inside most hotel rooms. Outdoors licensed areas are also smoke-free. The Dalhousie campus is entirely smoke-free, whereas King's, where the meeting will be held, allows smoking outdoors.
- Tips. Tips are up to the client in restaurants, but a good service should be rewarded by a 15% tip (i.e. match the taxes) as waiters rely on tips for a significant portion of their income. For taxis 10% is appropriate. In a hotel, unless gratuities are included, it will be appreciated if you leave between $1-$5/day for housekeeping (depending on the room rate).
- How to dress. The end of June is usually warm (often around 25 Celsius), but remember the saying:  "In Halifax, if you don't like the weather, just wait 10 minutes." So you'll want to be ready for every weather. Bring along a raincoat or umbrella and make sure you have a sweater or jacket for the evening and the breezy sea side (It will be a most on the tall ship).

June 15  Saint Mary's University is inviting all HOPOIs to a reception, Wednesday June 20th, from 7-9pm in the lounge of the 4th floor of the Sobey Building. Saint Mary's is located in the beautiful treed south-part of Halifax at 903 Robie Street. Click here for directions to Saint Mary's University from King's and a map of the campus. (Finger food will be served; note that in Nova Scotia pubs will serve food after 9 p.m., but restaurants will usually be closed).

Sobey Building

June 15  For those of you who are traveling to Nova Scotia next week to attend HOPOS 2012 and who are eligible for travel reimbursement, I have posted the forms you will need here: http://mypages.iit.edu/~schmaus/HOPOS/2012/

Those who are eligible include graduate students, young scholars who have completed their doctorates within the last five years, and independent scholars and others without access to travel funds from a university department.

See you next week!

Warren Schmaus, President, HOPOS

June 15  There is a new city bus service between the Halifax International Airport and Downtown Halifax (Albermarle Street). For more information see the Maps and Directions section.

June 14   The program committee suggest 30-min. talks in order to leave a 10-min Q&A period after each talks. There will be a projector available in each classroom, but people using Apple products are asked to bring their adaptor (or communicate with the organizer at: hopos@dal.ca as soon as possible). Extra computers will be available for the presentation of the delegates who are not traveling with their laptops.

Keynote Speakers
Heinrich von Staden
       (Institute for Advanced Study)
Kathleen Okruhlik
(Rotman Institute of Philosophy-University of Western Ontario)
Ian Hacking
(University of Toronto)

Program Committees 
"Kant and Before"
Chair: Eric Schliesser (Universiteit Gent)
email: Eric.Schliesser@UGent.be

Committee Members: Sylvia Berryman (UBC), Brad Inwood (Toronto), Gideon Manning (Caltech), Katherine Dunlop (Brown).

"Post Kant"
Chair: Alan Richardson (University of British Columbia)
email: alan.richardson@ubc.ca

Committee Members: Uljana Feest (TU-Berlin), Melanie Frappier (U. King's College), Lisa Gannett (Saint Mary's University), Alex Klein (CSU, Long Beach)

Local Organizing Committee
Darren Abramson, Sina Adl, Micah Anshan, Adriana Benzaquén, Samantha Copeland, Ford Doolittle, Andrew Fenton, Mélanie Frappier,  Lisa Gannett, Letitia Meynell, Gordon McOuat, Kathryn Morris, Lisa Mullins, Andrew Reynolds, Eve Roberts, Ian Stewart.
Many thanks to our sponsors 
The University of King's College, Dalhousie University; Saint Mary's University,Cape Breton University, Situating Science (Atlantic Node)

Send all inquiries to  hopos@dal.ca
Last updated June 19, 2012