Staying in Singapore

Local Transportation: See Maps, Apps, and City Guides, which includes a link to the Singapore Train System map.

Off-Campus Lodging: Singapore offers numerous options for lodging, but NTU is in an area that does not have many hotels. We recommend that conference participants stay at Genting Hotel Jurong, the closest hotel to the NTU campus. A number of rooms have been set aside for conference participants. You can indicate that you are a conference participant by using the reservation form below.

The Genting Hotel Jurong is a 15 minutes car ride from campus. We will provide a daily shuttle to the conference venue and back. The hotel is also a 5 minute walk from Jurong East MRT (train) Station, from which you can get on the East-West line or the North-South line.

Genting Hotel Jurong
2 Town Hall Link, Singapore 608516

  • Superior Room (Single occupancy): S$175.00++ per room per night.
  • Super Room (Double occupency): S$190++ per room per night.
  • Room Reservation*:
    Please complete the Hotel Reservation Form and email it to

    *Participants are advised to make their reservations by Thursday 21 May 2020.
    Room bookings made after this date will be subject to availability, and rates may be higher.

    Those who are wary of supplying their credit card details on the reservation form that must be emailed to the Genting Hotel Jurong have two options.

    Option 1:Send an encrypted reservation form. This can be done as follows:
    • Download the reservation form and fill in the details, including your credit card information. 
    • Encrypt the form using software such as Adobe Acrobat, using a password of your own choosing. This Link provides instructions for encrypting the form using Adobe Acrobat. 
    • Send the encrypted form to 
    • Send the password in a second follow-up email to , referencing your earlier email containing the encrypted reservation form.

  • Option 2:Give credit card details over a phone line. This can be done as follows:
    • Download the reservation form and fill in the details, except for the credit card information. 
    • On the line for "credit card number", write: "Please phone for credit card information". 
    • Make sure you provide your phone number  on the form. The Genting Hotel Jurong will phone you to obtain credit card details.

Numerous other hotels can be found, especially in the tourist areas of Singapore around Orchard Road and the Marina District, but you should keep in mind that these areas are 30 minutes away by taxi and more than an hour away by public transportation.

On-Campus Lodging: Conference participants may also stay in student housing that is vacated for the summer. The rates are significantly cheaper than for the hotel, but there are some restrictions. NTU can only offer a flat rate for five nights covering the nights of June 22 to June 26. You can check in and check out at any time during that period, but you must pay the full rate. 

Booking Instructions: To secure on-campus lodging for HOPOS 2020 you must register for the congress no later than 31 March 2020 and indicate your interest in securing on-campus lodging during the registration process. (Registration will open in mid-February.) The Local Organizers will then contact you during the first two weeks of April 2020 to process the full payment for your accommodations and finalize your booking. As per NTU policy, fees paid for on-campus lodging cannot be refunded.

Student Hostel Rates:

Room Type

Rate for 5 nights

22 – 27 June 2020


Single Room


  • Booking is for the full period of the conference only (22 – 27 June 2020). 
  • You may check-in and check-out at any time during this period. 
  • No extension of stay. 
  • Stays of fewer than 5 nights will not be pro-rated. 
  • Air-conditioned. 
  • Linens will be provided, but no housekeeping services. 
  • Common showers and toilets, no toiletries provided. 
  • LAN point for internet cable. Please bring your own cable. 

Twin Room 

(Single Occupancy)


Twin Room (Shared)

S$225 per person

Accessibility: We anticipate that most HOPOS 2020 events will take place in the School of the Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) Building and the Campus Clubhouse, both of which are on the NTU campus.  Information about the accessibility provisions in the HSS Building can be found here.  Information about the accessibility provisions in the Campus Clubhouse can be found here.

General information for travelers with disabilities can be found the on the Singapore Tourism Board web site.

Child Care Options: There are several services in Singapore that provide childcare on an ad hoc basis. Some of these services include Nannies on Wheels, Nanny SOS, and Nanny Pro .