Upcoming Special Issues – Call for Papers

Calls for papers for upcoming special issues of the HOPOS journal are below. For all special issues, the word limit is 7000 words and all submissions are peer reviewed. Authors should consult the HOPOS submission guidelines.

Descriptive Psychology and Völkerpsychologie – in the Contexts of Historicism, Relativism, and Naturalism
Advisory Editors: Christian Damböck, Uljana Feest, Martin Kusch
Deadline March 31, 2019

Thought Experiments in the History of Philosophy of Science
Advisory Editors: Michael T. Stuart, Yiftach Fehige
Deadline March 19, 2019

Animism and its Discontents: Soul-Based Explanations in Early-Modern Natural Philosophy and Medicine
Advisory Editors: Boris Demarest, Jonathan Regier, Charles Wolfe
Deadline October 31, 2019

Nineteenth-Century French Philosophy of Science: Positivism and its Continuations
Advisory Editors: Warren Schmaus, Olivier Rey
Deadline October 31, 2019